Friday, June 22, 2007

Space Shuttle Atlantis Has Landed: Mission Summary

By: Astroversity

After landing successfully, the crew of the Space Shuttle Atlantis have faced problems, but at the same time, they have achieved many success during the STS-117 mission.

First, a small part of the shuttle's thermal blanket was discovered to have peeled off, but it was then repaired by a sewing kit with stainless steel wire by the astronauts. Then, Russian computers crashed aboard the International Space Station. These computers controlled the oxygen supply and the orientation of the ISS. These computers were then fixed by Russian Astronaut who used a cable to bypass a circuit board.

Image Credit: MSNBC

This mission also accomplished a lot. The Atlantis crew installed a new truss on the ISS, unfurled a new pair of solar arrays, and activated a rotating joint that would point the solar arrays toward the Sun.

When time came for landing on June 21 (Thursday) bad weather prevented landing, and today (Friday, June 22) the shuttle had five chances to land - two at Kennedy Space Center and 3 chances at Edward's Air Force Base in California.

Bad weather still continued to delay landing at the Kennedy Space Center, while conditions at Edwards Air Force Base are good for the shuttle to land. Flight managers finally decided that because bad weather continued at the Kennedy Space Center, they would take the first opportunity to land at Edward's Air Force Base. They then successfully landed at Edward's Air Force Base. Now STS-117 comes to an end.


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