Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Best of Hubble Series

I'm going to start a series entitled, "Best of Hubble" in which I will feature the best of a certain type of Hubble image. So one theme might be "Best Nebula Images," or "Best Images From Our Solar System."

Pictured: The Hubble Space Telescope. Image Credit: NASA

I want to let everyone know that I cannot do this alone. I will be accepting suggestions for each theme. I will let you know in advance what kind of images I'm looking for, and then you can suggest them to me. My first of the Hubble Image Series will not be all Hubble images. They will just be a few of my all-around favorite space pictures. Be on the lookout for that, and I will be anxious for all of your help!

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Anonymous said...

wow can't be leave no one said anything well i will i'm so stoked..
"fan of the universe.." just me?