Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Space Exploration Is Important!

In discussion, the topic sometimes arises to question the importance of space exploration and NASA. Explaining the importance of NASA over an over again can sometimes lose its meaning. Today, I came upon a very good article by Neil deGrasse Tyson [via Bad Astronomy (thanks for the post!)] explaining why America needs to continue space exploration.

According to the article, NASA is only .7% of the federal budget. Compare this to the $12,000,00o that is spent in Iraq every hour! NASA is a cause that actually provides a beneficial outcome, airplanes, plastics, communication, and the list goes on!

I highly recommend you read Tyson's article, and also read commentary provided by Phil Plait.


Aalfie said...

earth is getting to full and we need to reserch more about planets such as mars,the moon or even on astroryeds.that makes problems such as panic filled streets and more niglected people.

and it is also bad for the enviroment but it is worth it of makeing more discoverys.

And childeren that look up to be astronauts and if we cancel space exploretion not only are we puting down their dreams but loseing their dreams of their lives ,and thats unfair for them .

and who knows we might even find a cure for cancer in space.

how about this ,why dont we send prisoners in space and when they lern what is good for them,they may be aloud to go to erth.

and when global warmiming is on the erth is to crouded more or all people on erth.the sulosion is more space travel to mars atleast.

and if neil armstrong did it than we shall to.

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this kind of explaration is so important for us because we can know about our history and we can discover stars,planets and differents celestial boddies.

Metro Ethernet said...

I'm totally agree with you, we need to put more attention in the space, instead put our attention in war!!!
stop the violence

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Will said...

I could not agree with you more - less money spent on war and let's really focus on space and what lies beyond our planet. Let's create rather than destroy!

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of course that Space exploration is important indeed, imagine if we find some alien, we could conquer them and make them work all they for us, that way we will not be violating the human rights or human work codes because they are not human whatsoever!

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