Monday, June 25, 2007

Carnivals of Space

If you don't know, Blog Carnivals are events where bloggers that blog about a common subject, come together and share interesting articles, features, news, and many more things. There is also a Carnival of Space where the Astronomy Bloggers of the internet come together to talk about, guess what - Space. I'll let Fraser Cain of Universe Today explain:

"[Carnival of Space] is a roundup of cool articles about space and astronomy from bloggers and writers from across the Internet. By reading through this list of articles, we hope you'll find some new articles to enjoy, and some new blogs to follow."

The current Carnival is at Universe Today, and the next one will be at the Blog of The Planetary Society. Check out the articles the Carnivals of Space have to offer, they are really very interesting, you might find a new blog you would like to bookmark (And if you're visiting, maybe you'll subscribe to this one :) ).

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