Monday, July 16, 2007

Saving Spaceflight

I want to point you to one of my favorite articles. David S.F. Portree of the EarthSky Blog wrote this article a while back ago, but after re-reading it I thought it would be best to share it. Portree discusses how President Bush's plan was to send astronauts back into space so they can venture out farther then they have in the past.

Portree argues that we are spending too much to send people into space when we could be spending the same amount on robotic spacecraft and learning much more. Portree does an excellent job to support why spending money on robotic missions instead of human missions is a better choice. This article was able to effectively change my opinion into believing that our future in space should be dedicated towards sending robotic missions and then sending humans later.

Original Image Credits: NASA, Above Image Credit: Astroversity

Read the article and decide for yourself what our future of space exploration holds for us. Link To Article: Saving Spaceflight

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