Thursday, July 26, 2007

Where is today's Carnival of Space 13?

I'm always saying how much I enjoy the weekly Carnival of Space. But this week's edition seems to be missing! Both the official blog carnival website and the Carnival of Space schedule say it is supposed to be today at the LiftPort Blog, but it is not. There is a post on their blog that says they only received six entries, but that still means there were entries. So what happened? I'm just confused.


Brian Dunbar said...

It was posted @ 11:00 CDT. Which makes it technically on Thursday, and it was 23 hours later than I intended.

So what happened?

Overtaken by events.

Blogging is what I do in my spare time. I had none Wednesday evening - my Dad and I were fixing a boat. Well, he was fixing, I was thumb-fingered assistance.

We had a schedule that had the boat fixed by that point but some things were easier than expected, other problems popped up that caused the project to take more time than anticipated.

Thursday morning I drove him to the airport, then work that day ..

Astroversity said...

Oh, its no problem. I was just curious, that's all :) I'm just glad that you were able to post it up, great job!